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Leo Oracion and Erwin Emata made history by being the first and second Filipino to reach the Everest Summit, respectively. Oracion is based in Cebu whereas Emata is from Davao. So what's next for the 1st Philippine Everest Team? They said they plan to climb the Everest again but this time on opposite sides. They also plan to make history by having the first Asian woman to climb the Everest. Go Philippines!

This is another OPM hit by Kamikazee, First Day High 


The latest victim is ABS-CBN message board who's using invision board 2.0.4. Prior to that Ragnarok Philippines' message board was also hacked. How do hackers find these boards anyway? Well they use google and enter the keywords Invision Power Board v2.0.4 © 2006 IPS, Inc. and voila the SERP would include message board that is powered by ipb 2.0.4. There's also this one filipino message board called MTC which also uses ipb 2.0.4.

The v7ndotcom SEO contest is over. The winners are…

Ever wondered what's the server's spec of the biggest online filipino community? Wonder no more.

PEx's webserver is a dedicated machine with Dual 2.8GHz Xeon Processors, 2GB RAM, SCSI HDDs running Debian GNU/Linux. the database server is an even more powerful machine with SCSI RAID 5's running the same linux flavor.

 So there you go.